Dj stretch & teebone - collaborated artists vol. 3

Both tracks go hand in hand with Bassman’s original style of MCing, stick either side on and you can picture him ‘inna corner’ talking about “Alan Shearer being a wanker” or sending a shout out to the ‘Burger Bar crew’. Add a barely lit club, the scent of weed being smoked and you’re onto a winning flashback to the mid 90’s – just don’t forget your Moschino printed shirt and a pair of Reebok Classics.

Aside from these, bonus points go to the grand daddy of all early reissues, The Formation Records Box Set . This was a big release (both figuratively and literally), containing 10 records, including some rare/best of tracks from Formation’s 7 year history, plus some less obvious choices (The Power Play Vol 1 doublepack, which is a personal favorite and in my opinion some of Formation’s best work, but a very confusing choice for the box set). This Box Set came out back in 1997, so not counting “Best of” type rave comps and the earlier of the two basement classics series (which was mostly current-for-the-time happy hardcore remixes of oldskool), it probably has to get credit for being the first SERIOUS oldskool reissue undertaking.

DJ Stretch & Teebone - Collaborated Artists Vol. 3DJ Stretch & Teebone - Collaborated Artists Vol. 3