Soft cell - tearing apart

Tears are naturally produced by the lacrimal gland in the upper outer part of the orbit, underneath the upper eyelid, and also from accessory tear tissue around the surface of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids. The tears serve to keep the eyes moist and the vision clear and are therefore necessary. The tears drain via the puncta (tiny holes in the corner of the eyelids) into the fine lacrimal ducts (canaliculi) which enter the lacrimal sac. The lacrimal sac, in turn, drains into the nose via the tear duct, (nasolacrimal duct).

Apple appears to be preparing to replace its Touch ID security with Face ID, so users will be able to unlock their phones simply by looking at the camera. 9to5Mac posted what appeared to be part of a cute tutorial video for the new software.

Ulceration of the footpads with plasma cell pododermatitis is an uncommon disease of cats. Clinically affected animals have large soft pads with the metacarpal and ...

Soft Cell - Tearing ApartSoft Cell - Tearing ApartSoft Cell - Tearing Apart